Copywriting 7.0: Your Product

Your Product

The product you sell needs to be laid out as clearly as possible to generate interest and ensure that it’s explained well. At the same time, us a lot of benefits-laden statements to show how your product will improve your readers lives.

Early Order Box

If you’ve developed the right elements early in your sales page, you’ve already given your readers a good enough reason to buy so, why you’re at it, you might as well give them a link so they CAN buy. An early order box is similar to the end-boxes you see on most sites, but with only 10+ lines of text and an order button. Don’t include your full end-pitch or the pricing information, etc. You’ll have room for that later on. Now, just provide an easy link for someone who is ready to buy.

Bullet Points

When describing your product, don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Break it down into easily digestible bullet points. A bullet point should be no more than two lines and should never end in a period, or you give the reader a place to stop. Having 2–4 folds of bullet points usually works well and provides a thorough rundown of the product without getting too carried away.

Product Benefits Surrounding Features

Maintain your focus on benefits in all of your bullet points, while also describing what’s in the book. That can be tricky. Here’s an example. Say you have a chapter about how to stop your dog from chasing after cars. Instead of saying “Tips on stopping your dog from chasing cars,” say “End the constant worry that your dog will be run down by one of the cars he chases.” You just told them what the feature is while framing it in a way that outlines the benefits.

Lists are terrific ways to highlight benefits without giving away any features. For example, “The 10 Things You Can Change in Your Dating Life TODAY for Better, Longer Relationships.” Although you haven’t actually said what those things are, you’ve given a clear idea of what might be in that section with very loud benefit words.

Images and Value Indicators

Make sure you include clear benefits along with value indicators to create the sense that your product is worth a lot. To start with, have a different book cover or software cover for every piece of your product. If you have 9 videos, 4 eBooks and a software package, don’t have one eBook cover made and slap a title on it. Instead, have separate covers made for all 14 items in the package and place them throughout your description to increase the perceived value.

Compare to Related Products (Not Prices!)

If you can, compare your product to your “competitors” as much as possible, showcasing what yours does that theirs doesn’t. Charts with simple checkmarks, one-sentence descriptions or stars are perfect for this. The goal is for someone to look at this section, see that your product outperforms another and keep reading. Do NOT use price as a comparison point. You shouldn’t be trying to sell your product on price, but value.

Industry Busting

When you create a new product that’s unique in some way, whether providing a different angle on a familiar topic or throwing out all the conventions for a new way of thinking, take it to the industry that you’re trying to change. Point out where other products fail their customers and why the “old way” isn’t working any more. Although this is common in the making money niche, it’s a great strategy that works for almost any niche.

Overcome Objections First

Another thing you may have heard from other marketers is to ignore any negative aspects of your product. The truth is that most customers already have questions, misgivings or misconceptions about what you’re offering so, it’s better to confront them early. List all possible objections and counter them all one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an option that not every sales page uses, but it can help reduce refunds and people leaving your page due to unanswered questions. You can generate a few questions of your own, but also take any questions you get from your customers or prospects about your product and include them in a FAQ section. Include the FAQ as part of your sales page for best results.


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