Copywriting 8.0: Your Bonuses

Your Bonuses

Want to really drive action in your readers? Use bonuses combined with short time spans and free items to increase the perceived value of your main product.

Added Value with Related Bonuses

Offering free extras to your readers will increase the perceived value of any product you sell. You should include anywhere from one to a dozen or more bonuses, depending on the selling price of your product. And the bonuses don’t really have to cost you much, if anything.

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are all over the Web and can be purchased cheaply and reused as many times as you want. While many PLR products are sub-standard, they are easy to modify to bring them up to a higher level of quality.

The most important thing to remember when offering bonuses is that they should relate to the product you are selling. For example, don’t offer a “Weight Loss 101” guide as a bonus if “Copywriting 101” is the main product you are selling.

Fast Mover Bonuses to Create Urgency

Never just use normal bonuses—use urgent bonuses with limited amounts of time for availability. If someone sees that your product is for sale indefinitely, they might wait. The longer they wait, the higher the chance that they will never buy it. However, if they see that enticing free bonus or bonuses you are offering will be gone within the next 48 hours, they’ll be more likely to jump on your offer sooner. The same strategy also works in your email marketing and your pricing as well. In a nutshell, urgency almost always increases conversions.

Variety and Supplemental Content

As far as bonuses are concerned, you should always use supplemental rather than identical content. For example, if you are selling a dog training package of videos, books, and tip guides for obedience training, don’t throw in a freebie that shows more training tips. Instead, throw in a supplemental guide such as “How to make your own dog food” or “How to build an outdoor doghouse and runway.” These are topics that your readers would be equally interested in, but that don’t overlap with your main product. It supplements and adds value with variety.


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