Copywriting 9.0: Order Details

Order Details

Copywriters must not only think about writing copy that sells, they also need to include details about buying the product, due to requirements of services like ClickBank, etc.

Delivery Method, Speed, and Format

When you sell a product from ClickBank, they require you to provide a detailed outline of how you will deliver the product you are selling and how your reader will be able to access it. Regardless of whether you are selling the product yourself through a PayPal pay button or on another network, you should always include order details. It’s removes any chance that your reader will get overwhelmed or confused, which are things that can led to lost sales, support requests, and/or refunds. Always include explicit instructions on how they can download it, how long they have to wait, what format the file will come in and where to send any support questions they might have.

Payment Services

In addition to the delivery details, outline for them which payment processor you use. With identify theft as it is these days, many people are concerned about using any form of payment on the Internet. It helps to tell them how secure it is and offer as many options as possible to alleviate any concerns they might have about security.

Future Access

If your product will be updated or expanded, or has any Web components, explain the signup process and, if appropriate, how any membership will work. Many users will get confused if you describe updates and future expansions, and don’t explain that they will be able to log in to your site to download uploads.


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