Affiliate Marketing 1.0: Introduction


Affiliate marketing is one of the absolute best ways to make lots of money online. The reason that so many marketers fail at it is because they lack not only the basic training required to become successful but they lack the tools that would help them take their affiliate marketing to the next level. And that’s exactly what I’ve developed this course. Because I don’t just want you become another run of the mill affiliate marketer who barely makes a living, I want you to learn how it’s not only possible to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing but more money than you ever thought possible. And we’re no longer talking affiliate anymore, we’re talking Super Affiliate!

What Makes a Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate is an affiliate who is in the top 5% of all affiliates who have gotten super rich from their knowledge and leverage of tools that you will be learning about in this course. Before we get into the details, you need to understand that becoming a top super affiliate isn’t easy. It takes work, hard work and persistence to reach the top 5% but once you do, all of your hard work will be more than rewarded with the kind of cash that you have probably only dreamed of. And while it has taken top affiliates years of making mistakes after mistake and continually tweaking their mindsets to keep on keepin’ on and never give up, this course brings you the benefits of all of our own mistakes. It gives you a shortcut to success, if you will, but that doesn’t mean it is push button or that you will have an easy time becoming a top super affiliate.

In fact, most of you reading this right now will fail even though this course gives you all of the information that you need to be successful, most of you will fail. And the reason for failure is that the vast majority of people reading this will fail to take action. Knowing exactly what to do means nothing if you don’t actually DO IT!

We’re giving you each step you’ll need to become a success and even telling you exactly which software tools you’ll need to get there and if you just follow our steps and take action – each day, every day, without fail – YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! But there is no magic bullet. There’s no one magic piece of software that you can buy that will make you successful, even though practically every day some “expert” releases another product telling you how much money you can make or how much traffic to can get to your site if you just buy their software that works on autopilot. Don’t believe anyone who says anything like that because it’s BS – Total BS!

Any business that truly makes money, day in and day out, that you can actually count on for your living takes hard work up front. Later on, if you’ve built your business properly, you should be able to work much less than when you started out but there is no way around the fact that building a business, any business whether brick-and-mortar or online, requires hard work!

OK, I hope that you now understand that if you follows the steps provided to you in this course and you fail, it’s your fault! You either didn’t work hard enough at it or you didn’t work hard enough at it for long enough!

That said, you will still fail if you do not have the proper mindset. Now the term mindset has been totally overused and abused over the years but it’s still the best word we have. No, mindset has nothing to do with any magic or mystical “secrets” you may have heard about where you can just think yourself rich. You can’t! You can think about money all day long for the rest of your life and you won’t make a dime until you start taking action to do something tangible about getting it!

Another reason that people fail to take action is because they’re afraid to make mistakes, like making mistakes is not how the rich got rich. The only difference between rich and poor people is that the rich make mistakes as fast as possible while the poor do nothing for fear of making mistakes. To be successful, you truly have to live by the motto “Make Mistakes Faster!” The more mistakes you make the more you learn what NOT to do and the closer you’ll get to doing the RIGHT things!

Getting rich really isn’t rocket science. It simply takes a viable plan, like the one that’s in front of you right now, and an individual who will work hard enough and be persistent enough to see if through and be able to keep bouncing back from mistakes until they hit on a winning formula. That’s all there is to it, honestly!

Won’t Studying This Course Make Me Mistake Proof?

That’s a good question and wishing thinking but the answer is no! That doesn’t mean our course is no good, what it means is that there are so many variables that occur in this business that you are bound to make mistakes, especially when you are just starting out.

Even though you may not know what it actually means yet, let’s talk about buying paid traffic as an example. There probably isn’t any affiliate marketer who has ever made a profit from their first paid traffic campaign. Why? Because as I said in the previous paragraph, there are just too many variables involved. But a marketer with a super affiliate mindset would study the data from that first failed campaign and learn what they did wrong. They’d find out if the failure was caused by their choosing bad keywords, or not a large enough budget, or the wrong audience, and then they revamp their strategy and setup another paid traffic campaign.

But when the vast majority of newbie wannabes with dreams of making the big bucks meet a roadblock, like a failed paid traffic campaign, they quit! They convince themselves that affiliate marketing is a scam and and they go out and buy the next training course or software product that comes along promising them the easy way to make tons of cash on autopilot. And while those with the super affiliate mindset keep making mistakes but keep trying and, eventually, perfecting their paid traffic campaigns until they are successful, it’s too late for the wannabes. They’re already caught up in the “shiny object” syndrome where they buy course after course and software after software that promises them the easy way to make money and they can’t realize that they are stuck in a never-ending loop of BS!


Affiliate Marketing: Super Affiliate