Knowledge Alone Won’t Guarantee Success

In researching and interviewing various business ownersover the years I’ve found that the vast majority study a great deal and amass much knowledge, yet very few ever realize their final goals. Why? Because you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t take action it won’t do you, or your business, any good.

For many years I’ve been guilty of taking voluminous notes on a variety of subjects and amassing tremendous knowledge but rather than taking action and applying it directly to my business, I simply jumped on board with the next topic and collected more notes. Only to repeat the process of taking notes and failing to take action on them all over again.

Now I’m not discouraging you from taking notes and gaining as much knowledge as possible but the process isn’t complete until you apply what you’ve learned to your business. And to do that, you’ll need to convert your knowledge into a set of action steps that you apply to your business each and every day.

So, by all means, keep a great notebook full of business ideas, tips, and tricks but make sure you act on any and all of them. In the end, taking action is the only thing that  will make a difference to the bottom line in your business.

It is Knowledge plus Action that equals Success!

Here’s to your success,

–Tiger Bill and the TigerMix Team