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The Bottom Line:

MemberHub Pros: Fast initial setup of mobile responsive membership sites using cloud based software with lots of features, including drip feed, custom built video/audio player and lots of 3rd party integrations. Cons: When a member cancels their subscription, they are locked out of the site with no way for them to access any of their previously purchased content. I have requested that this be changed but it has yet to be completed.

MemberHub Review: The World’s Greatest Membership Software Platform?

Today we’re talking about membership site software. I have lots of experience with membership platforms because on of my premiere website, at, has used various membership platforms over the years but none I’ve ever been happy with.

About 9 months ago I was invited by Internet Marketers Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani to become a beta tester for their new membership platform and, for the first time, I really got excited about membership software. Fast forward to today and the platform, which has been in development for a total of 2 years, is now ready for prime time. I can honestly say that you’ve never seen another membership site platform quite like it.

It’s called MemberHub, and prior to its creation the vast majority of membership platforms had these in common:

  • Slow loading
  • Didn’t play well with mobile devices
  • Complicated to use
  • Just plain ugly
  • Lacked the options to keep your members coming back for more
  • Hosted solutions came with high costs
  • Those they expected you to host, like WordPress plugins, had software conflicts every time a WordPress update came along, which is far too often
  • Lacking in support

But MemberHub changes all that and here’s why:

  • It comes with 15 beautiful themes you can choose from and, borrowing an idea from WordPress, you can change themes with the click of a button without affecting anything else in your site.
  • A built-in custom editor lets you change the look of the entire theme in seconds with artisticly predefined colors. Or, if you’re artistically inclined, you can easily choose your own colors.
  • While competing software takes a rocket scientist to create product levels, it just takes a few clicks to do it in MemberHub. This lets you group products together for your Black Friday holiday type specials.
  • One of my favorite features is the way MemberHub uses the info you enter when you create your memberships and products to auto-create sales pages that are linked into your member site store. And you still have full control should you want to redesign your sales pages from the pre-built themes.
  • Another favorite of mine is gamification, which lets you issue badges and points to encourage your members to take action with you controlling what rewards to provide.
  • And because no platform can afford to underestimate the use of mobile devices, MemberHub sites look just as good on mobile, tablet  or desktop.
  • 3rd party integration is always a concern with new software but MemberHub integrates with the major payment processors and all autoresponders, many through direct api and the rest through HTML form code.

Check my video review above to see a sampling of sites that have already been built on MemberHub.

And there are more features including…

  • Automated license emails, which means no more manual feedback. When a site member joins the system automatically send them their access credentials.
  • Drip Feed – One of the most critical features of any membership site and MemberHub makes this easy to set up.
  • Cloud Hosted – Trusting any decent sized membership site to a $7 hosting account is asking for trouble and it can crash if you look at it crossways. MemberHub is built on solid servers designed to handle lots of traffic with ease.
  • Although MemberHub supplies a domain for you to use, I prefer to promote my own domain and through cname mapping I can easily do this in MemberHub.
  • MemberHub is flexible enough to let you create forms you can use to sign up and send credentials to both free and paid members.
  • Just a click of a button lets you add a comment box to any of your module pages.
  • If you’ve ever seen a marquee coming across your TV screen, I bet you’ve read it – and there’s a good reason for that… Because it grabs your attention! MemberHub lets you broadcast any news you want to your members using this same effective method.
  • MemberHub comes with SMTP built-in right out of the box, so you’re in ultimate control of the email going out to your members.
  • MemberHub even has a custom built video and audio player that takes things to the next level by letting you write notes on your videos, as in creating chapter headings, etc., that take your users directly to that section of the video with a simple click.
  • And last, but certainly not least, you pay no transaction fees for any of the sales you make. You get to keep all the profits.

Although there are multiple payment options, the best deal by far is the one-time payment plan. You pay only once for access to everything I mentioned above.

On top of that, as a beta tester, I’ve seen what Chad and Karthik are planning for this platform next and, believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

If you’re interested in checking out MemberHub for yourself, you’re unfortunately too late! The doors are now closed. But, a lot of cool features are being added and will be included in MemberHub 2.0, which is coming soon! 

So, either bookmark this page and visit regularly for the latest info or Simply Click Here and fill out the form. Include your first name, email andlet us know you want to receive MemberHub 2.0 release info and we’ll get it to you as soon as we have it.

Thanks for your interest.

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