How You Can Become a MintBird Power Affiliate

When Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher first told me about their new product, which will be released to the general public on July 29th, I was expecting a good solid piece of software but what I found takes software to a new level of business functionality. And that’s just for starters!

I’ve been working on the Web for over 20 years and I’ve seen lots of crazy stuff but when I first heard what Chad and Perry were planning I could hardly believe it. Now I’m not referring to the launch of their new product, but to their Power Affiliate Accelerator Program.

You see, prior to their new product release they plan to train anyone interested, from wannabe newbies to experienced marketers, to become Power Affiliates, which is a realm that they have a great deal of experience in. Being as they are two of the best in the business.

Admittedly, the term online affiliate has gotten such a bad rep that many folks (outside of the niche) think affiliates deal in illegitimate pyramid schemes and MLM-type stuff (multi-level marketing). It’s actually far from that. It’s a legitimate business that marketers have been using to generate everything from side cash to full-time income for many years now. I, myself, have sold many products as an affiliate over the years much of it in the music market.

So the next time someone puts down affiliate marketers you can set the record straight. Affiliates simply look for vendors that own products they want to sell. Affiliates then promote and sell their products, for an affiliate commission, which could be 50% or more! Not a bad chunk of change, especially on high ticket stuff!

The reason vendors like affiliates so much is because it saves them a lot more money paying out even a 50% commission than it would cost them to hire a sales force. Even though many vendors who deal with affiliates are one-man/woman bands, many larger companies today want their piece of the action too. So you’ll see the Big Boys like Walmart and Amazon with their own affiliate programs. I’m a member of those too. So there’s nothing shady at all about the affiliate space.

That said, Chad and Perry had the idea to gather together a group of those who are interested in learning and/or become better at affiliate marketing and offer them private trainings before they open their MintBird shopping cart up for sale to the general public. If you click the link below and register for the program (at NO COST TO YOU!) here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • A weekly one-hour session with both Chad and Perry teaching you every step of what it takes to become a true Power Affiliate – you’ve missed some of these live sessions already but fear not, you also get free access to their members area where you can watch the video replays
  • All of the marketing material, such as banners, email sequences, images, videos, etc., that you’ll need to mirror exactly what the top pros do
  • To give you something of high quality to sell immediately, Chad and Perry will approve you, which means you will be able to sell their MintBird product beginning on July 29th when it launches
  • Chad and Perry’s goal for you is to get you to sell at least 25 products during their upcoming launch. Why? Read on!

Here’s something that only the marketing insiders know: To be a successful affiliate, which means you can go to any affiliate marketplace like JVZoo or ClickBank and get approved even by the top vendors to sell any of their products, you need to have some sales under your belt. How many sales? 25 or more. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But you’d be surprised to discover that the vast majority of affiliates selling on JVZoo and similar marketplaces actually have less than 10 sales to their name!

The reason Chad and Perry picked 25 as your goal is because those “measly” 25 sales will take you out of the realm of the “average” affiliate and turn you into a true Power Affiliate!

To really emphasize the importance of making those 25 sales, here’s an example of what happens when you’re an average affiliate marketer with less than 10 sales trying to make the jump to join the Big Boys! You register at JVZoo and you find a product by a top vendor that you want to sell. Either the vendor himself or his JV Manager checks your stats and sees that you have less than 10 sales. You don’t get the approval you need to sell the product.

Now this is kind of a catch22 because you need enough sales to satisfy the vendors that you can make them money, but how are you going to make those sales if you’re never given the chance? But this is what happens and, if you watch the leaderboards (used to keep track of each affiliate’s sales throughout the launch period), you’ll start to recognize the same affiliates.

In addition to your commish from the sales of the products in the funnel, those in the top 5 on the leaderboard also win the lion’s share of the contest prizes. Those are prizes the top vendors offer as further incentive for their top affiliates to bring the heat. By the way, a leaderboard is a list showing the sales of all affiliates who entered a particular product launch and it is usually updated in real time.

Should you decide to join Chad and Perry’s Affiliate Accelerator Program you will have the chance to see yourself on the leaderboard too as your sales increase. Your goal may be to one day appear in the coveted #1 spot where you often walk away with more cash and ultra expensive gifts like watches and even luxury cars.

As a matter of fact, in the upcoming MintBird launch, Perry is giving away his prized 1964 Cadillac in a prize pool that totals in excess of $50,000.

Now I can’t stress this enough. Even if you’re a bit late to the game, don’t be discouraged. You don’t want to miss this opportunity because it doesn’t come around everyday. Sure you can pay any of the top marketers to train you like this but you’ll pay thousands of dollars for it! THIS IS TOTALLY FREE! AND your paid-for training most likely won’t be nearly as effective as Chad and Perry’s. Why? Refer to the bullet points above and compare what you get from them as opposed to a paid course.

On top of that remember, Chad and Perry are two established marketers who have sold millions upon millions, upon millions of dollars of products and services including both their own products and affiliate products. They are two guys who actually walk their talk! (Meaning they don’t teach something they don’t actually do themselves! Unlike some other Gurus.)

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in Internet marketing, but haven’t been able to because things always cost too much or you’ve tried but haven’t had much success, that’s about to change… but only if you take action by clicking the link below!

Not only will you learn all about the Affiliate Accelerator Program direct from Perry Belcher and Chad Nicely, but it’s something that you can use for the rest of your life. Once you get to the Power Affiliate level, you will be able to use your new found “fame” to actually become one of the Big Boys! And, on the off chance that you don’t want to become part of this program, click on the link anyway and you’ll still receive some valuable gifts that can help improve your future navigation through the Internet waters, compliments of Chad and Perry.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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